In Ojai, California, our founder set out to craft bold, imaginative flavors for the modern drinker.

As this vision was becoming a reality, the 2017 Thomas Fires threatened to destroy all that we had built. A single flying ember could have been the end, but for us it was just the beginning. Humbled and inspired by the event that shaped us, we created our nonprofit arm, the Embers Foundation, to address firefighter, first responder, and community needs nationwide.

Our Story

  • Rewilding programs help prevent wildfires and support ecosystems on a national scale through tree planting, brush clearing, river and beach cleanups, and educational programs.

  • Response programs provide first responders and communities with resources and survival necessities, including food, water, and emergency supplies.

  • Recovery programs concentrate on the long-term wellness of our first responders on a national scale, recognizing the mental health implications of their work. The Embers Foundation is focused on providing the tools necessary to diminish and alleviate post traumatic and other stressors.

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Buy our brews online and in-store. 1% of annual revenue benefits the Embers Foundation.


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Our Partners

Our partners include the California Fire Foundation, The Global Empowerment Mission, The David Lynch Foundation and more, benefiting more than 3,000 first responders and community members to date. Through strategic partnerships with these organizations, we’ve been able to mobilize quickly and support communities affected by wildfires and natural disasters in real time across the United States.
The Embers Foundation

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We brew with gratitude because of the dedicated and courageous firefighters who work to keep our communities safe every day. Each time you enjoy a can of Flying Embers you’re helping to provide them with the resources that they need.

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