The Best Alcohol for Every Type of Adventure

The Best Alcohol for Every Type of Adventure

There’s no doubt that the perfect drink can make any of your adventures into an unforgettable experience. Set the tone with the right drink to complement your next outdoor adventure with these pairings brought to you by your fermentation-loving friends at Flying Embers. 

The Best Booze for Your Journey

It’s not about the destination but about the journey we take and who we take it with. Lifelong memories are built with the help of great company and a little pre-planning — but the right kind of beverages don’t hurt either. 

Do you want alcoholic drinks that are bubbly and fruity? Or maybe something a bit harder from a distillery for the perfect nightcap? Whether you are an avid drinker of cocktails like the Brooklyn cocktail (a riff on the Manhattan that includes Maraschino liqueur) or you are a sipper who prefers the sophisticated flavor profile of straight bourbon, this list has something for everyone.

We feel better in nature, and with drinks that have natural ingredients, we might just have stumbled upon the perfect complementary duo.

For Summer Days on the Lake: Hard Seltzer

Long days spent lazing on the shore might bring to mind images of childhood, but you can reclaim those happy, carefree days with a drink as light as a summer breeze. 

Try a hard seltzer for the right mix of exhilaration and relaxation. After all, a day that is both relaxing and invigorating practically shouts for a drink that feels the same. 

Hard seltzer might be as bubbly and exciting as a day in New York City, but the mellow flavors are delicious without becoming overwhelming. Hard seltzer is the perfect light drink to take to the lake. For those who like a little kick with their bubbles, the Sweet & Heat collection, which has an ABV of 5%, will remind you that the best things in life often have a little kick of spice.

For the Top of the Mountain: Hard Kombucha

Calm, quiet days spent with friends have their place, but sometimes we yearn for a bit of adventure. There are few things more satisfying than finishing a hard hike with a stunning view. Hiking to the top of a mountain is quite the feat, and the occasion should be celebrated accordingly.

Keep the good feelings going long after the climb is done. Our hard kombuchas not only come in exciting flavors to delight the palate, but they’re plant-based and organic. 

Kombucha has been enjoyed by people around the world since 220 B.C., and it’s easy to see why. It’s exotic and enticing. Hard kombucha is Mother Nature’s better buzz, so where better to enjoy it than at the top of a mountain with a few of your closest friends?

For a Float Down the River: Tropical Hops

While a day on the lake is pure relaxation, an adventure on an exciting Kentucky river calls for something a bit more unexpected than an old-fashioned made with your typical cognac or bourbon whiskey. 

Our Tropical Hops collection is the answer for anyone wanting a bold, hoppy kombucha with just the right amount of tangy flavor. Notes of tropical flavors such as mango and guava paired with tangy hops can’t help but enhance your adventure.

For Long Walks on the Beach: Orange Passion Mimosas

Is there anything more romantic than a walk on the beach? Probably not. Choose a drink to fit the situation, like our Orange Passion Mimosa. The fruity, citrusy notes in this subtly sweet drink will help set the appropriate mood.

There’s nothing better than carefully crafted, premium-quality drinks made with all-organic ingredients like superfruits, botanicals, and adaptogens. When top-shelf ingredients combine with an innovative dry-fermentation process, these elevated, flavor-filled combinations bring a touch of culinary bliss to any occasion.

For Lazy Nights Indoors: Hard Kombucha and Wine Spritzers

Get creative. Add your favorite liqueur or put a spin on your favorite alcoholic beverages. Inspiration can’t help but strike when you turn to our hard kombucha. Cocktails made with hard kombucha or a wine spritzer can be delicious and original and help complement every moment.

If you’re looking for a delightful cocktail that’s low in sugar, a small batch of the Kombucha Paloma is tangy and refreshing. Take Grapefruit Thyme hard kombucha, add two dashes of bitters, and a hearty helping of Tequila Blanco or mezcal añejo (as long as it’s from agave).

If you’re in search of a night that’s sure to rock the boat, a classic whiskey and ginger cocktail is the way to go. The combination of two ounces of Tennessee or Irish whiskey, one lime, six ounces of Ginger hard kombucha, and a dash of salt is simple yet oh-so refreshing.

Adding a refreshing wine spritz can brighten up any old favorite, too. For a spin on a New York sour, take rye whiskey or Scotch whisky, add a touch of lemon juice, and a Red Wine Spritzer for a sweet and sour delight you’ll wish you had casks of.

For a Summertime Backyard BBQ: Hard Seltzer 

Nothing beats a summer backyard barbecue with the whole gang. Include your usual dishes, but don’t skimp on the beverages. This time, skip the single malt and choose the brightening flavors of Watermelon Chili. It’s a highly drinkable riff on an American BBQ classic (with a nice kick of heat). 

Meanwhile, Clementine Hibiscus provides a tart and tangy taste of summer to make any outdoor shindig that much more memorable.

Why Hard Kombucha and the Great Outdoors Pair Perfectly

Nature begets nature, so there’s nothing better than enjoying something organic in the great outdoors.

Botanical Flavors for Outdoor Adventures

We pride ourselves on using natural ingredients to create the most enticing and crisp flavors in every can. Drinks with prominent botanical notes such as Cucumber Juniper or Watermelon Basil can take your next outdoor adventure to new heights.

Our Hard Kombucha Fits Right Into an Outdoorsy Lifestyle

Flying Embers hard kombucha is inspired by the great outdoors, so our flavors go wonderfully with nature. Hard kombucha might pair perfectly with gin or white rum, but it tastes even better when enjoyed al fresco with friends.

Nature and its preservation are so important to us that we knew we had to do our part. That’s why, through our Embers Foundation, we donate 1% of all Flying Embers sales to support firefighters, first responders, and the communities that they serve nationwide. We advocate for wildfire prevention and education while always searching for the next big way we can make a positive difference.

Ready for Your Next Adventure?

Life is all about adventure, so it’s natural to look for excitement wherever we can. Don’t wait for the adventure to come knocking at your door, go out and find it. With enough delicious drinks keeping you company, these occasions can make lifelong memories that will last a lifetime.


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