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Given our origin we have always been dedicated to supporting first responders. As a core principle we donate a portion of every purchase to firefighters, first responders and people in harm's way. In challenging times like, we strive to do more to help real people in real time.

As a better-for-you alcohol brand, best way for us to amplify our impact is to work with our fans and industry partners to support these causes.

How We Helped in California

This summer, we donated 100% of proceeds from online sales for a week to provide aid in our home state of California, where fires continue to cause harm. We reached our target goal of $50,000 and worked with a variety of partners to provide burn shelters to those fighting the blaze, fireproof gel for the houses in the fire’s path, and basic supplies to front line workers. Now we are turning our attention to Oregon, where the situation is equally dire.

Supporting Oregon

Our efforts in Oregon focused on the small town of Talent, OR that was devastated by the Alameda Fire. In addition to the over 42,000 civilians affected, the fire station itself burned down destroying their equipment and belongings.

To help, we started by donating $25,000 immediately to the local fire department to support the firefighters that are risking their lives, and with your help, we donated a portion of our online sales to complete our $50,000 donation goal and helped those who lost their homes and loved ones.

How You Can Help


Buy brews delivered and send to friends in family in any of the 9 states we ship direct, or buy Embers merch nationwide.



Get your friends & family a gift card for any purchases on our site.



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Our Origin Story

Flying Embers was born in Ojai, CA during a massive wildfire that threatened our homes and our brewery.

A single ember could have been the end but for us it was just the beginning

We donate a portion of our proceeds to firefighter and first responders out of respect for their service to our community

The Story Behind 'Flying Embers' Name

In the Fall of 2016, Fermented Sciences was founded in Ojai, California by a team of passionate entrepreneurs driven to disrupt the alcohol beverage industry through the creation of a revolutionary platform of great tasting botanical brews with functional benefits. In a hundred-year-old stone wine cellar we built a laboratory and began to dive deep into the ancient alchemy of fermentation.

One year later, a massive wildfire threatened our home and fermentation lab. For three relentless days our community banded together to fight the inferno. On the third night, we stood on the precipice of disaster as a wall of fire tore through the canyon towards us. As the flames towered above and swirling embers filled the sky, we faced the complete destruction of our dream and potentially our lives. When fortune shined upon us that night and the winds turned, we were left with a deep appreciation for the power of nature and a profound sense of gratitude for each other and life itself.

Out of this transformational experience came the inspiration for the Flying Embers name, and our renewed commitment to create functional beverages that illuminate and celebrate the experience of life. Today, we embody that vision in every beverage we create at our brewery in Ventura, CA. Rooted in ancient traditions, brewed with botanical adaptogens, and enlivened with innovative fermentation techniques we bring you the best-tasting sessionable alcohol beverages in the world.

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