Tiki Variety Pack (12)

10% ABV• 195 CAL

Our collection of Tiki-inspired mixies is the perfect co-pilot for a lively tropical afternoon filled with laughter and tastes of island mystique. Mai Tai Zesty lime juice, bright orange essence and sweet toasted notes perfectly harmonize to create this tropical elixir. 10% ABV


Mango Passionfruit Daquiri

Luscious mango, bright passionfruit, and tropical spices come together to create a tantalizing explosion of flavors. 10% ABV


Island Swizzle

Sweet pineapple juice, tangy blood orange juice, and a dash of bitters intertwine to create a refreshing libation that's like a beachside breeze on a warm summer day. 10% ABV



A fresh burst of organic grapefruit and pomegranate juices, perfectly balanced with the unique complexity of bitters and cinnamon.

  • Pineapple + pomegranate = perfection.

  • Wow. One sip, takes me to my happy place.

  • The best liquid ever