Riviera Spritz

Lower Calories, Explore A Variety
5.0% ABV• 95 CAL

A Coastal Mediterranean journey evoking sun-soaked shores and leisurely seaside moments. Crafted from organic, clean ingredients, each beverage bursts with full body flavor, satisfying carbonation, and a modern twist on your cherished spritz favorites.


Peach Sangria Spritz: This effervescent delight is crafted with organic peach and orange juices, balanced by hints of citrus peel & a touch of cinnamon.


Limoncello Spritz: Capture the essence of a Mediterranean getaway with the zesty allure of organic lemon peel and juice, complemented by a subtle touch of real botanicals.


French Spritz: Reminiscent of the elegant cafes and sun-kissed terraces of France, this seltzer is infused with a gentle blend of organic grapefruit juice and delicate elderflower.


Available in CA only

  • Delicious, Unique Flavors! Flying Embers has done it again!

  • The Best! There is nothing on the market that compares!

  • The best hard Selzer on the market! The flavors are so good.

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