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Includes a variety of 24 cans with our top selling Hard Kombuchas and Hard Seltzers in a range of 8 unique flavors and ABVs. ($2.25 / can). 

All Zero Sugar and Zero Carbs. 

Sold Out


"My new go to drinks, absolutely LOVE all the Hard Kombucha's and Seltzers! I have tried all the brands and nothing compares to Flying Embers!"

Ashley K.

"I've never tasted anything that has zero sugar that is as delicious as these... plus I can drink a few cans and still feel great the next day!"

Josh L.

"Truly unique flavors you have to try! Love all the variety too, I never get bored."

Marianna G.

Our Origin Story

Flying Embers was born in Ojai, California, during a massive wildfire that threatened our homes and our brewery.

We saw the power of a spark, and it ignited a fire within us. 

Humbled by the event that shaped us, we donate a portion of proceeds to first responders.