Great Options for What To Drink While Camping

Great Options for What To Drink While Camping

Join us outside. Whether you’re camping in the woods, in the mountains, or on a beach, you’ve got to plan ahead. Don’t worry; we make it easy.

Take a look at our beverage must-haves for your next trip. You won’t want to leave home without them.

Bring Hard Kombucha To Celebrate the Great Outdoors

Sure, it’s the kombucha you know and love, but Flying Embers makes it even better.

Hard kombucha provides the refreshing taste you want on a camping weekend without all the extra sugar or carbs. It’s the easiest way to get your vegan, keto, and gluten-free friends all gathered around the campfire while sharing a celebratory drink.

Enhance the great outdoors. Our handcrafted hard kombucha goes through a second round of fermentation, which brings up the ABV between 4.5% and 8.5% for an irresistible light and bubbly booch.

The unique flavors in our kombucha make it feel like you’re drinking a craft cocktail without packing your entire bar cart. Plus, it’s ready to enjoy in a shelf-stable can. Try Grapefruit Thyme for a light, bright sip or Pineapple Chili for something with a bit more kick.

Don’t Settle, Drink Seltzer

Not sure if kombucha is your cup of fermented sweet tea? Good thing we have flavorful hard seltzers made with juicy superfruits, zesty spices, and herbal botanicals.

Pick up Flying Embers Hard Seltzers to throw in the cooler for your evening campfire gatherings. With unique flavors like Watermelon Chili and Passionfruit Elderflower, your tastebuds will experience their own adventure.

Make Sure To Bring Water Enough Water

Pack plenty of water for your camping trip. Staying hydrated while outdoors is particularly important, and you won’t necessarily have a sink to run to each time you need a sip. Tote along at least two liters of water per person to stay hydrated (more if you plan on spending a lot of time active in the sun and heat).

Think twice before scooping up a bundle of water bottles and keep it eco-friendly instead. Go with reusable water bottles and large water jugs. You can choose collapsible water jugs if you’d like to save space, but pick hard water jugs if you need more durability. Either way, you’ll help out the planet and keep your group hydrated all in one go.

Stock Up on Electrolytes

Need a little flavor in your water? Pack some electrolyte packets to add to your water throughout your camping trip. That way, whether you’re dehydrated from physical activity or having too much fun around the campfire the night before, you can give your body what it needs.

Skip the artificially-colored, sugar-loaded name-brand stuff in those little plastic bottles. You know we aren’t big on added sugars either — that’s why all our beverages include zero sugar (and zero carbs) — and that extends to our hydration. Snag a few electrolyte envelopes for an easy pick-me-up, anytime.

Have Hot Beverages on Hand

Late nights and early mornings can get chilly (if not downright cold) once the sun goes down. What is camping without a fire? Bring along a kettle to warm water, too.

Pack hot cocoa, tea, or even a cup of noodles to sip on when the temperatures drop. It’s an easy way to keep everyone toasty warm (while not leaving behind an unintentional litter trail).

Beer vs. Wine — Or the Best of Both Worlds

What’s a campout without adult beverages? Whether you’re a beer or wine drinker, Flying Ember leaves no one behind. Leave the wine glasses at home. Savor our white, rose, and red wine spritzers right out of the can for convenient sipping (even when outdoors and on the go).

Beer is a classic campfire accompaniment, but who needs all the bloat and added carbs? Our Tropical Hops Hard Kombuchas make the perfect warm-weather substitute. With zero carbs, zero sugar, high ABV, and bold flavor, it’s a must-have camping accessory in every well-packed backpack.

Wrap Up

The drinks you bring on your camping trip can make or break your adventure. Whether you’re trying to stay hydrated or just want to liven up the trip a bit, hard kombucha, hard seltzer, and plenty of water should be your go-to beverages for your weekend camping getaway.

Flying Embers gives you even more reasons to celebrate. Our Embers Foundation works to help prevent wildfires and support ecosystems on a national scale through tree planting, brush clearing, beach cleanups, and educational programs.

Next time you head out on a camping trip, crack open a can of something you can feel good about.



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