What To Pack for a Boozy Summer Picnic

What To Pack for a Boozy Summer Picnic

The warm days of summer are meant to be enjoyed outdoors, and what better way to do so than with an al fresco classic picnic? While picnics are typically all about the food, it’s fun to mix things up and have a picnic where the focus is on the drinks instead.

We’ve curated some great options to bring with you on your next boozy picnic.

Your Booze-Infused Summer Picnic Checklist

You’ve slathered on your sunscreen, grabbed a frisbee, and packed a slew of napkins in your picnic basket. You’re almost ready to go on your boozy summer picnic — but don’t forget to grab these items before you head out!

1. Hard Seltzer: Perfect for Sunny Summer Days

Cool off with a delicious hard seltzer on a warm summer day. Hard seltzers are known for their light, refreshing flavors and their bubbly texture.

Our hard seltzers feature bright botanical flavors like Passionfruit Elderflower and Guava Jalapeño, showcasing a flavorful infusion of herbal botanicals and bright citrus fruits. The result? Seltzers with personality — perfect for your summer picnic.

We believe real ingredients result in a better buzz (and protect your fave natural environments). We’re focused on improving water quality and conserving energy through products that are certified organic through the USDA.

On top of being organic, our drinks are also sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and keto-friendly, so no one at the picnic feels left out.

2. Hard Kombucha: Bursting With Botanical Flavors

Your boozy summer picnic should be filled with summer-inspired drink flavors. Look no further than our hard kombuchas for a refreshing taste of summer.

Our hard kombuchas take the ancient art of kombucha brewing and pairs it with modern flavors for a botanical buzz. Instead of packing in added sugar, we use whole plant botanicals, superfruits, and adaptogens to create bold, complex flavors.

For a juicy taste of summer citrus, try our Orange Passion Mimosa hard kombucha. Its headlining flavor is a bright pop of orange followed by hints of invigorating passionfruit and guava.

Or, for a cool and refreshing drink, grab a can of Watermelon Basil hard kombucha. This brew combines the juicy taste of watermelon with aromatic and herbal basil. It’s the perfect refresher on a sunny day.

Can’t decide which one to bring to the picnic? Try all the flavors of summer with our Tropical Hops collection. This variety pack features the tropical flavors of Guava Citra, Passionfruit Simcoe, and Spicy Mango Mosaic. Each flavor is handcrafted with elevated ingredients for full flavor and subtle sweetness in a kaleidoscope of color, perfect for bringing a tropical touch to your summer picnic.

3. Water and Ice

Even though you’ll be quenching your thirst with your favorite hard drinks, it’s still important to hydrate with water.

Summer is a prime time for heat-related illnesses, and no one wants a fun day to become a hospital trip. Keep lots of water bottles on hand, and remember to sip on water every so often, especially if it’s a hot day. It’s important to replace the water you might lose when sweating in the summer sun.

Along with water, you’ll want to keep a supply of ice handy for keeping your drinks cold.

If you’re planning on playing any outdoor games at your picnic, like ultimate frisbee or baseball, ice can be handy if someone falls or injures themselves during the athletics. Even if there are no sports at your picnic, it’s a good idea to keep ice on hand anyways.

4. Garnishes and Mixers: Level Up Your Cocktails

Take your cocktails to the next level by bringing along some garnishes and mixers. To save space in your picnic basket and cooler, stick to ingredients that work for more than just your drinks.

For example, fruits make excellent garnishes. Rather than traditional lemons and limes, consider opting for fruits like oranges, blackberries, or strawberries so they can serve a double purpose as a snack.

The same principle applies to mixers. You probably won’t drink a glass of just orange liqueur, so bring along a fruit juice like lemonade instead.

Alternatively, consider using hard kombucha or hard seltzer as a mixer to add a twist to a classic cocktail recipe.

For instance, you can mix our Grapefruit Thyme hard kombucha with prosecco and Aperol for a variation on the Aperol spritz. The burst of tangy, fruity pink grapefruit in the kombucha complements the fizzy prosecco, and the hint of refreshing thyme pairs well with the bitterness of Aperol.

Or, you might combine our tart and tangy Clementine Hibiscus hard seltzer with a complementary citrus juice and vodka for a vodka spritz that’s refreshing, sophisticated, and all-natural.

5. Cocktail Shakers and Strainers

If you’re making cocktails to go along with your canned beverages, you’ll want to bring along some drink-making tools.

Cocktail shakers are a great tool for blending your drink ingredients to perfection. If you’re planning to make multiple kinds of cocktails, you might want to bring along several shakers to prevent that spicy margarita from mixing with that minty mojito.

If you’re including fruit juices in your drinks, you might bring along a strainer to prevent any seeds from ending up in the final product. Strainers can also be helpful for separating out other chunky ingredients like ice.

It’s a good idea to bring along a bottle opener and corkscrew or two. You can bring even more bar tools if you wish, but keep in mind that it’s more to carry and tote around, especially if your picnic spot is a bit of a hike to get to.

6. Glasses and Decanters

Another consideration for cocktails is the drinkware you’ll pour them in. Like with garnishes and mixers, depending on where your picnic is located, you might want to rethink your drinkware.

If you’re having a backyard picnic, feel free to bring out your glassware. If your picnic is in a park, on a beach, or anywhere else out in nature, you’ll want to go for more lightweight cups instead.

A great way to show off your cocktail is with a glass decanter. A centerpiece decanter allows your picnic pals to pour their own portions and makes for an easy decor piece.

Again, the location of your picnic can determine if you should use a decanter or not. If it’s strictly a blanket picnic, you might want to stay away from trying to balance a decanter on grass. If you have a table available, it’s a more ideal setting for a decanter.

7. A Cooler for Your Canned Drinks

On a warm day, you’ll want your drinks to be chilled and refreshing. Take a stand against lukewarm canned drinks and keep them cool by storing them in a cooler filled with ice.

Give your drinks an advantage against the heat by storing them in the refrigerator the night before your picnic. You can also invest in an insulated koozie or koozie-specific ice pack for extra armor against the heat.

8. Light Snacks for Boozy Picnics

What would a picnic be without snacks? For a boozy picnic, just stick to lighter snacks to stay fueled and refreshed.

You can’t go wrong with fruit on a picnic. Juicy summer fruits like watermelon and grapes are a great choice for cooling off and staying hydrated. You can also bring fruits like berries that double as a drink garnish so you’ll have fewer different items to pack and carry to your picnic spot.

Hummus is another great snack for keeping you cool. You can bring a variety of snacks to dip in it, like pita chips, celery, or pretzels. Keep in mind that hummus needs to be refrigerated, so stick it in a cooler bag with ice packs or in your drink cooler.

Since this picnic is mostly about beverages, why not choose a snack that pairs with your drinks? A put-together pairing is an easy way to elevate your event and impress your pals. For example, if you’re bringing along Watermelon Basil hard kombucha, pair it with a dish that uses basil, like a caprese salad or pesto pasta salad.

When planning your outdoor meal, be mindful of foods that create waste. Some picnic grounds might not have trash cans relatively close, so you might want to bring a trash bag or two of your own. Remember to leave no trace and ensure any trash is properly disposed of.

9. A Camera To Document the Day

One of the highlights of any picnic is the memories you make with friends and family. Preserve those memories with photographs by bringing along a camera.

Go beyond the typical picture of everyone lined up in a row and mix things up with some candid shots of your picnic pals enjoying their drinks or playing outdoor games.

You can also snap a few shots of inanimate objects, like your colorful hard kombucha cans, perfectly crafted cocktails, or neatly arranged picnic setup.

10. A Comfy Blanket for Post-Picnic Naps

Picnics are a lot of fun, but they can tire you out. Whether you’re taking a full-out nap or just relaxing, a comfy picnic blanket is essential.

If you take our advice and bring a camera along, your blanket will end up in a lot of pictures. A fun pattern or print will help your linens pop in photos. Instead of classic red gingham, don’t be afraid to go with a funky pattern. Since you'll be laying down your blanket on green grass, you might want to consider colors like pink or orange for something that will really stand out.

Your boozy picnic may be a classy affair, but remember that spills are always possible. We recommend using a designated picnic blanket rather than any old blanket from your bed, as it’s likely to get a little dirty along the way.

Elevate Your Summer Picnic

Having a drink-focused picnic is the perfect way to upgrade a traditional picnic and enjoy the summer weather. To fully capture a taste of summer, stock your picnic with summery drinks like our hard seltzer and hard kombucha.


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