5 Kombucha Benefits: More Than a Trendy Beverage

5 Kombucha Benefits: More Than a Trendy Beverage

Kombucha is becoming more popular than ever, and it’s easy to see why. This beverage is light, zippy, and, most importantly, delicious. However, there are plenty of reasons that this drink is so much more than just a trend. Kombucha is here to stay, and if you’ve never tried this yummy drink before, now’s the time to expand your beverage horizons.

Some people are under the impression that kombucha is a new drink, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, kombucha has been around for centuries. Kombucha’s exact origins are unknown, likely because its roots are so ancient. It’s theorized that kombucha was first crafted around 220 B.C. in Ancient China.

Since then, the drink has experienced an ebb and flow in popularity. Nowadays, it seems like kombucha’s reach knows no bounds. Through the rest of this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits that kombucha is so well known for (outside of its amazing taste, of course). Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that promotes overall wellness and gut health. Many people enjoy drinking it because it can serve as a lighter alternative to soda and is delicious in its own right, making kombucha’s health benefits an added benefit.

What Ingredients Are in Kombucha?

Some of the health benefits of kombucha trace back to the fact that it’s made using teas (including green tea, black tea, and oolong tea), which have their own lineup of unique advantages. From there, booch undergoes a fermentation process similar to that of kimchi, sauerkraut, or kefir, adding even more benefits to love. 

Kombucha’s fermentation starts with the help of something called SCOBY ( or symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). 

There are both “bad bacteria” and “good bacteria” in our guts, but the cultures and microorganisms in kombucha are definitively good. In fact, this drink’s bacteria is what causes dietitians and nutritionists to rave about the benefits of kombucha as a potential source of probiotics and antioxidants.

What About Hard Kombucha?

Throughout the fermentation process, a small amount of alcohol is naturally created. In non-hard kombuchas, the amount of alcohol is minimal and isn’t enough for most people to ever notice. 

In the case of hard kombucha, there’s a more concentrated ABV (Alcohol By Volume), which leads to a delightful alcoholic beverage that can help to promote a healthy immune system and digestive system.

5 Biggest Benefits of Hard Kombucha

Drinking kombucha is not only fun, but it can also contain microbes that may result in positive side effects. No matter what, when you have hard kombucha in tow, you can expect delicious tastes and uplifting sensations.

  • It’s a Versatile Ingredient for Cocktails

As much as we love our ready-to-drink cocktails because you can have them straight out of the can, we also can’t get enough of using our hard kombucha as a mixer. Crafting your own cocktail creations using our kombucha is part of the fun!

  • ‘Booch Can Have Some Delicious Flavors

The naturally peppy taste of kombucha serves as an excellent backdrop for a whole host of other flavors. It doesn’t matter if you prefer fruity flavors, aromatic botanicals, or you want a little spice, there’s a perfect match out there for all of us.

  • It Fits Into a Vegan Lifestyle

Containing no animal products whatsoever, Flying Embers’ Hard Kombucha is ethically made and is proud to be totally vegan

  • Our Kombucha Is Keto-Friendly

Many people turn to a ketogenic diet in search of weight loss results or just to feel lighter and less bloated. Either way, our kombucha fits in perfectly with that lifestyle. Being keto revolves around consuming as few carbs as possible, and our beverages have no carbs whatsoever.

Greatly limiting your sugar intake is also integral to achieving a state of ketosis (the goal of a keto diet). Since our kombucha is keto-friendly and is naturally free of sugar, you don’t have to worry about blood sugar spikes after enjoying this refreshing drink.

  • It’s a Gluten-Free Alternative to Beer

More and more of us are going gluten-free nowadays, whether it’s due to an intolerance, a sensitivity, another health problem, or just personal preference. We’re all in need of a beer alternative that we can enjoy and crack open at the end of a long day. Luckily, hard kombucha might just be the ticket.

Enjoying Hard Kombucha: Where To Start

Now that we know what positives we can expect from our kombucha, it’s time to get drinking. This is the most exciting part when you get to discover new tastes and find out what you like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this fizzy drink!

Pick Up a Variety of Flavors

Those who know that brunch is just a state of mind can try our Orange Passion Mimosa. Meanwhile, those looking for a carb-free alternative to beer will love our Tropical Hops Variety Pack. There’s no limit to the number of flavors you can try.

Use Hard Kombucha as an Ingredient 

To take your drink to the next level, you can create a cocktail where hard kombucha plays a signature role. Perhaps add another alcohol like rum, tequila, or vodka, and spruce up the aesthetic with a tasteful garnish.

Hard Kombucha Is Best When Shared

The best things in life were meant to be enjoyed together, and hard kombucha is no exception. Getting your friends and loved ones together to sample some of your favorite hard kombucha is a wonderful way to bring everyone together.

Embrace the Fizz

A little fizz never hurt anybody. In fact, we think that fizz has the power to elevate a drink from excellent to incredible. This is especially true when the carbonation is naturally derived through the fermentation process rather than being artificially added. Luckily, all of our carbonation is captured through fermentation and used to enhance our beverages even more. 

Try this low-sugar, no-carb, vegan delight for yourself, and discover a new world of flavors to enjoy! 



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