Camping and Drinking: The Best Drinks To Take Outdoors

Camping and Drinking: The Best Drinks To Take Outdoors

Summer’s winding down, the leaves are starting to change colors, and it’s finally time to break out the camping gear again. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or you’re just getting acquainted with the outdoors, fall is the perfect time to pitch a tent and kick back.

There’s no better way to relax than watching the sunset from your wilderness destination with a cocktail in hand. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a glass, and take some notes as we explore the textures and flavors that can elevate your camping experience.

What Types of Drinks Should You Bring on a Camping Trip?

You want to bring some drinks along for your backpacking trip but aren’t sure which drinks to add to your trail bag. After all, a hike through any one of America’s national parks is always a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you’ll want to celebrate accordingly. 

If this sounds like you, we have some tips to help you pick drinks that’ll take your hike to the next level.

Go for No Added Sugar

Even if you love dessert foods (and drinks), we recommend saving the fresh berries and cocktails until after your hike. Sugary alcoholic drinks are delicious, but they can have some unintended side effects. (That’s one reason why Flying Embers makes sure all of our products are naturally free of sugar and carbs.)

Specifically, added sugars can enter your bloodstream and cause a big energy boost. This might be helpful for a little while, but it can end up in a sugar crash that puts a damper on your camping trip. 

Buy From Brands That Love the Planet

One of the best camping benefits is getting to enjoy nature in some of its wildest beauty. The untamed wilderness featured in our state parks help us to realize that we have merely created lives around nature — we don’t control it.

Since we share the Earth with so much wildlife, it’s important to consider our planet when purchasing drinks. At Flying Embers, we focus on brewing better booch with organic ingredients and reducing our carbon footprint. 

We’re mindful throughout every step of the process, from how we carbonate our booch to our shipping practices. Flying Embers are actually the first brewers to carbonate our beverages using naturally-generated CO2 recaptured from our fermentation process, instead of CO2 created by the petrochemical industry. That means our bubbles taste better, and they’re better for our planet.

Grab Something Refreshing — Don’t Weigh Yourself Down

Finally, make sure you pack drinks that will make you feel good. Some alcoholic beverages like wheat beer can lead to bloating and nausea, which might keep you from fun camping activities.

We recommend replacing those heavy tequila drinks with a light cocktail in a can. That way, you can enjoy your drinking games in style, and everyone’s a happy camper.

Our Favorite Drinks for Outdoor Adventures

Just like imported cheese is best with fine wine, the right drink can help us make the most of special moments. Whether you’re enjoying a hearty fire by the lake or lying under the stars in a kayak, we have drinks that can elevate your outdoor experience.

For Relaxed Lakeside Camping: Grapefruit Hard Kombucha

Camping trips on the lake are all about water sports. Kayaking, water skiing, and boating are all leisure activities that can help you spend some time in the sun.

While Camp Watersports is going on, why not open up Camp Cocktail with our Grapefruit Thyme Hard Kombucha? This refreshing kombucha features aromatic grapefruit and thyme botanicals, the perfect combo to help stop time for just a few minutes. 

For Mountaintop Sipping: Wild Berry Hard Kombucha

You did it. After a long and strenuous hike, you’ve made it to the top of the mountain.

There’s nothing quite like the dreamy, fuzzy view from a mountaintop. Climbing that high gives us the unique opportunity to take on a bird’s eye view and see the world as we couldn’t before. If that isn’t an experience that deserves a drink, we don’t know what is.

Our recommendation is Wild Berry Hard Kombucha. This relaxing flavor is filled with earthy fruitiness and tart brightness, which makes it perfect for the occasion. 

For the End of a Long Hike: Guava Citra Hard Kombucha

Picture this: a strikingly colorful sunset is painted across the sky and the fire is sending embers flying high into the night. You’re pleasantly tired after a long hike back to the trailhead and are ready to close the day with a refreshing mixed drink.

With a vibrant citrus aroma and a taste that we can only describe as delectably tropical, our Guava Citra Hard Kombucha will be the crown jewel to top off yet another magical experience in the great outdoors. 

For a Middle-of-the-Day Refresh: Black Lime Juniper Hard Seltzer

One element that’s important in every hike is rest. Taking breaks is important for your body, and it’s a great way to savor the view as you hike to your destination.

Whether you’re stopping for lunch or just enjoying the scenic route, there’s no better way to elevate the moment than the refreshing taste of our Black Lime Juniper Hard Seltzer.

This botanical twist on the classic gin and tonic is the perfect way to lift your spirits and get back on the trail.

For Autumn Camping Trips: Ginger Hard Kombucha

Autumn is upon us, which means that pumpkin spice everything isn’t far behind. The warm flavors of pumpkin spice tie the whole season together, and many of the memories we make in this season are filtered through that cinnamon-and-ginger aroma.

If you have any autumn camping trips planned, what better way to immerse yourself in the season than with a Ginger Hard Kombucha? After all, you’re out in nature where the leaves are changing, animals are burrowing underground, and winter is beginning to rub its tired eyes. 

Picture this: through it all, you can enjoy the delicious thread of ginger and subtle aromatic oak.

For a Glamping-Style Brunch: Orange Passion Mimosa Hard Kombucha

If you want to dip your toes in the outdoors without leaving behind modern comforts like electricity, privacy, and convenience, then glamping is for you. You don’t need to rough it to have a good time. Plus, with less prep work and setup, you’ll have more time to enjoy the simple beauty of nature.

If you’re bringing along modern comforts, you might as well bring brunch, too. While it may be tricky to bring along all the classic brunch staples, we’ve made it easy to bring along the most important part: mimosas. 

Our Orange Passion Mimosa Kombucha shines with tangy citrus and tropical passionfruit with subtle notes of rich guava. 

Meet Mother Nature’s Favorite Booch

In some of the greatest memories and moments is a drink in the hand. Here at Flying Embers, we aim to create flavors so bold and bright that they blend right into the boldness of the outdoors.

“Leave no trace” is a lifestyle, and it’s important to respect our amazing Earth. After all, no one likes an empty beer can in the way of their perfect view. Make sure to bring a trash receptacle and refillable water bottles along on your camping trip to prevent littering.

With our passion for sustainability and high-quality ingredients, you can be sure that by choosing Flying Embers, you’re choosing the Earth. For more drink recommendations, hike on over to our blog and follow us on social media.



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