Birds of Paradise Variety Pack

8% ABV• 155 CAL

Each sip will transport you to a blissful state, ripe with exotic fruits, and vibrant flavors plucked straight from paradise.

PEACH PARADISEBursts of tangy passionfruit balanced with the subtle sweetness of peach.

MANGO TANGORipe mango blended with with a hint of refreshing strawberry and aromatic cinnamon.

JUNGLE BIRDBold blood orange citrus and the cocktail complexity of bitters and lime zest.

PINEAPPLE SUNSETJuicy pineapple balanced with a tart splash of pomegranate.

Hard Kombucha

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Birds of Paradise Variety Pack
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  • This is my favorite product of yours. It’s perfectly balanced. It has the right amount of kombucha-tart to kick ratio.

  • 100% Flavor and Zero carbs...Love it! Quick delivery makes it easy to taste all the flavors not yet in stores.

  • Fabulous! You all rock as a company!

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