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Hard Seltzer & Kombucha Explorer Variety 24pk

6 pack Fruit & Flora Botanical Collection

6 pack Sweet & Heat Tropical Collection

12 Pack Hard Kombucha Collection

USDA Organic • Live Probiotic • 0 Sugar • 0 Carbs • Keto Friendly • Gluten-Free • Vegan. 

Must be 21+ to order. Must be home at time of delivery and provide government issued ID with proof of age. Currently shipping in California, Montana, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oregon, Ohio, Vermont, Virginia & Washington D.C.

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  • Grapefruit

    Light and slightly tart grapefruit with a hint of aromatic thyme. A juicy and food-friendly infusion that’s delightfully fizzy and undeniably satisfying.

    4.5% ABV

  • Pineapple Chili

    The tang of ripe pineapple meets a kick of chili pepper. It’s a combination of sweet and spicy that will awaken the senses.

    6.8% ABV

  • Black Cherry

    The sweet tang of muddled black cherry finished with a squeeze of fresh lime. It’s a burst of bold fruitiness that’s made to be savored.

    7.2% ABV

  • Watermelon Basil

    A little sweet and slightly tart with a dash of sea salt. A culinary combo straight from the garden that brings together two of summer’s most delicious flavors.

    4.5% ABV

“Mind-blowing flavors, I can’t get enough”


“This is hands down my favorite alcohol beverage! Forever! It makes me feel awesome.”


“Tastes too good to be Keto and Gluten free, but it is"


"Guaranteed if you show up with a few cases of this you're making some new friends"