• Organic Hard Seltzers

    Whether you fancy a kick of citrus or crave something spicy, we handcraft Hard Seltzers for any occasion. Made with premium, organic ingredients and with 0 sugar and 0 carbs, these flavorful infusions are light, effervescent, and everything you want and need in your cocktail glass.

                    Load image into Gallery viewer, HARD SELTZER VARIETY 12PK

                    Load image into Gallery viewer, HARD SELTZER VARIETY 12PK


Starring our top 4 core flavors of our handcrafted hard seltzers. 

  • Watermelon Chili 5% ABV | 95 CAL
  • Guava Jalapeno  5% ABV | 95 CAL
  • Passionfruit Simcoe 5% ABV | 95 CAL
  • Clementine Hibiscus 5% ABV | 95 CAL
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  • Clementine Hibiscus

    Fruity, effervescent, and slightly sweet. The pop of a freshly peeled clementine intermingled with tart and tangy hibiscus.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

  • Passionfruit Elderflower

    Elegant and exotic with herbal undertones. Slightly tart passion fruit combined with the delicate nuances of elderflower.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

  • Watermelon Chili

    Juicy, zesty, and invigorating. Fresh watermelon meets spicy chili and a hint of citrus for a flavor that’s both distinct and satisfying.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

  • Guava Jalapeno

    Bright, earthy, and a little fruity. Refreshing pink guava fused with the heat of freshly chopped jalapenos for a taste made to be relished.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL


Absolutely amazing flavor. The flavors, particularly because of the heat make these a brilliant substitute when on a keto diet.


Everything single thing I've tried has had great purity of flavor and great consistency in its freshness and intent. Absolutely adore this stuff.


"I love that Flying Embers created delicious drinks that leave me satisfied. I don’t miss sugary-filled drinks and feel way better in the morning!"


 I love both the kombuchas and the seltzers. Love love love, have recommended to anyone and everyone since buying!!!!


Our Origin Story

Flying Embers was born in Ojai, California, during a massive wildfire that threatened our homes and our brewery.

We saw the power of a spark, and it ignited a fire within us. 

Humbled by the event that shaped us, we donate a portion of proceeds to first responders.