Love this hard seltzer. Delicious and refreshing. Doesn’t knock you on your butt either - just bubbles rainbows and happiness!

Maggie H.

This is the best hard seltzer I’ve ever had. It’s delicious and light, but still delivers a kick. I’m hooked.

Crissy L.

These are in another ballpark in the seltzer game. Delicious flavors!

Jessica R.

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  • Clementine Hibiscus

    Fruity, effervescent, and slightly sweet. The pop of a freshly peeled clementine intermingled with tart and tangy hibiscus.

    5.0% ABV

  • Watermelon Chili

    Juicy, zesty, and invigorating. Fresh watermelon meets spicy chili and a hint of citrus for a flavor that’s both distinct and satisfying.

    5.0% ABV

  • Passionfruit Elderflower

    Elegant and exotic with herbal undertones. Slightly tart passion fruit combined with the delicate nuances of elderflower.

  • Guava Jalapeño

    Bright, earthy, and a little fruity. Refreshing pink guava fused with the heat of freshly chopped jalapeños for a taste made to be relished.