A special offer for the Procore family from
Flying Embers another local Ventura County company

We at Flying Embers would like to offer everyone at Procore a 20% discount of our two most popular variety packs, on off which is a very limited offering.

The first one is a variety box that has our 6 core flavors in it. The second a variety box of our very limited release series titled ~ Flight One : Sea to Sky.

You may get one of these or both in your order. At checkout be sure to use the code "procorefamily" given to you in your company email.

Flight One : Sea to Sky

A 24 pack of 3 limited release flavors. 8 - 16oz cans of each.

Since we began our Embers journey, we have never stopped exploring and being inspired by unique flavor combinations rooted in ancient brews from cultures around the world, searching for functional botanicals, and experimenting with different fermentation techniques.

These releases are an insider's view into Embers HQ where every Thursday afternoon we have the best job in the world tasting new creations and now it’s available for us to share. We are excited & grateful to begin with the release of Flight One : Sea to Sky - 1) Watermelon Basil + Sea Salt :: 2) Blueberry Cassis :: 3) Rhodiola Rosé

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Receive additional 20% when using code "procorefamily"

limited release

flight one sea to sky


Six Core Flavors Variety Pack

A 24 pack of our 6 core flavors. 4 12oz cans of each.

Starring our 6 core flavors in sessionable 4.5% ABV & higher at 6.8% & 7.2% for a bit more kick. 4x12oz cans of each flavor.

  • Grapefruit | 4.5% ABV | 85 CAL
  • Pineapple Chili | 6.8% ABV | 115 CAL
  • Berry | 4.5% ABV | 85 CAL
  • Black Cherry 7.2 % ABV | 120 CAL
  • Ginger | 7.0% ABV | 115 CAL
  • Lemon | 4.5% ABV | 85 CAL
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Receive additional 20% when using code "procorefamily"

A short bit of history about us so you know what you are getting and from whom. We were born as a company in Ojai by a team of passionate entrepreneurs and fermentation crafting artist and scientist driven to disrupt the alcohol beverage industry through the creation of a revolutionary platform of great tasting botanical brews with functional benefits. In a hundred-year-old stone wine cellar we built a laboratory and began to dive deep into the ancient alchemy of fermentation.

As some of you may remember in December of 2017 before we had a name, a massive wildfire (The Thomas Fire) threatened our home and fermentation lab. For three relentless days our community banded together to fight the inferno. On the third night, we stood on the precipice of disaster as a wall of fire tore through the canyon towards us. As the flames towered above and swirling embers filled the sky, we faced the complete destruction of our dream and potentially our lives. When fortune shined upon us that night and the winds turned, we were left with a deep appreciation for the power of nature and a profound sense of gratitude for each other and life itself.

Out of this transformational experience came the inspiration for the Flying Embers name, and our renewed commitment to create functional beverages that illuminate and celebrate the experience of life. Today, we embody that vision in every beverage we create at our brewery in Ventura, CA. Rooted in ancient traditions, brewed with botanical adaptogens, and enlivened with innovative fermentation techniques we offer you the best-tasting sessionable alcohol beverages in the world.