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Hard Seltzer Variety 5.0% 24pk

Fruit & Flora Botanical Collection

A harmonious interplay of bold fruits and delicate florals, our “Fruit & Flora” Botanicals collection was brewed to satiate while infusing inspiration with every sip.

4x Clementine Hibiscus -  5.0% / 95 Cal
4x Black Cherry Rose 5.0% / 95 Cal
4x Passionfruit Elderflower 5.0% / 95 Cal

Sweet & Heat Tropical Collection

Perfectly paired with any occasion, our “Sweet & Heat” Tropical collection was refreshingly crafted to bring the heat and beat the heat, all in one can. 

4x Watermelon Chili  5.0% / 95 Cal

4x Guava Jalapeno 5.0% / 95 Cal
4x Pineapple Cayenne 5.0% / 95 Cal 

USDA Organic • Live Probiotic • 0 Sugar • 0 Carbs • Keto Friendly • Gluten-Free • Vegan. 


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"The best part is the ingredients. I love being able to have a drink and not feel bad about what I'm putting in my body. Love this company!"


"It’s incredible how good I feel the next day. Great taste, have fun, feel good — that’s quite a combo."


"Finally a hard seltzer I can feel good about drinking. Organic, Natural ingredients, eco-friendly and delicious. What more do you want."


"Guaranteed if you show up with a few cases of this you're making some new friends."