Handcrafted Hard Kombucha

Hard to Brew, Easy to Love

  • Flavors That Come Alive

    We make premium sparkling hard teas our way, using plant botanicals, adaptogens, and superfruits. First, we naturally ferment our ingredients the old school booze-making way, followed by applying our modern brewing techniques. What you’re left with is just the right amount of alcohol, simple, real ingredients, and deliciously complex flavors. And we do it all without any sugar or artificial additives. Proof that you really can have it all.

Variety Mix 12pk

Black Cherry | 7.2% ABV | 120 CAL

The sweet tang of muddled black cherry finished with a squeeze of fresh lime. It’s a burst of bold fruitiness that’s made to be savored.

Ginger  | 6.8% ABV | 130 CAL

Dry hopped with fresh ginger and brewed with turmeric, creating a crisp and clean tonic with a hint of pepper. This beverage is just as delicious enjoyed solo as it is mixed in your favorite cocktail.

Pineapple Chili | 6.8% ABV | 120 CAL

The tang of ripe pineapple meets a kick of chili pepper. It’s a combination of sweet and spicy that will awaken the senses.

USDA  Organic • Live Probiotic • 0 Sugar • 0 Carbs • Keto Friendly • Gluten-Free • Vegan • and Brewed with an Adaptogen Root Blend. 

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“Mind-blowing flavors, I can’t get enough”


“This is hands down my favorite alcohol beverage! Forever! It makes me feel awesome.”


“Tastes too good to be Keto and Gluten free, but it is"


"Guaranteed if you show up with a few cases of this you're making some new friends"


Variety Mix 12pk

Grapefruit | 4.5% ABV | 85 CAL

Light and slightly tart grapefruit with a hint of aromatic thyme. A juicy and food-friendly infusion that’s delightfully fizzy and undeniably satisfying.

Berry | 4.5% ABV | 85 CAL

A naturally sweet blend of raspberry, elderberry, and goji berry. Vibrant superfruit flavors complemented by a crisp and effervescent fizz.

Lemon | 4.5% ABV | 85 CAL

Bright Myer Lemon aromas with subtle undertones of lavender, mint, and ginger.

USDA Organic • Live Probiotic • 0 Sugar • 0 Carbs • Keto Friendly • Gluten-Free • Vegan • and Brewed with an Adaptogen Root Blend. 

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Our Origin Story

Flying Embers was born in Ojai, California, during a massive wildfire that threatened our homes and our brewery.

We saw the power of a spark, and it ignited a fire within us. 

Humbled by the event that shaped us, we donate a portion of proceeds to first responders.

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"the holy trifecta 'better-for-you', delicious and sexy"

"The Very Best Hard Kombucha"

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"Hard Kombuchas Are a Better-for-You Booze Alternative"