Summer 2022 (June 1 – September 15) 

We're hiring for the ultimate summer job… in the Hamptons! Flying Embers has some big plans out East this summer, and we want you to be part of it. As our Seasonal Brand Ambassador, your job is to ensure that Flying Embers shows up and is seen in all the right places this summer – at the beaches, bars, pool parties & more! Come Labor Day, we want Flying Embers to be THE go-to drink of summer in the Hamptons.  

What Flying Embers Provides:  

  • Full-Time, Seasonal Role 
  • Housing stipend up to $4,000/month 
  • A branded vehicle, made for the beach 
  • Access to product, brand tools & merchandise 
  • The opportunity to do the things you love to do and get paid for it 
  • Opportunity to transition to full-time Brand Specialist upon program completion (pending performance against expectations and role availability)

Who You Are:  

  • Must be 23+ 
  • Strong network within Hamptons community (people & places) 
  • Approachable, energetic & engaging personality 
  • Passion for Marketing, Sales & Brand Building 
  • Able to independently manage projects & schedule 
  • Extremely responsible, mature, reliable 
  • Able to work flexible hours (nights, weekends) 
  • Clean driving record 

How to Apply: 

Part 1: Submit your Resume & Application  

Part 2: Video (*optional) 

Create a 15-second video ‘ad’ that shows us how you would make someone fall in love with Flying Embers. How would you get someone to try our drinks? What kinds of occasions do you want Flying Embers to be part of? Feel free to film yourself in front of the cameras, and/or grab some friends and film them enjoying our products - take it on a hike, crack open a can after surfing, enjoy it with friends while cooking dinner, etc. Use this as an opportunity to get creative so we can see our brand from your POV! 

Videos must be shot vertically. To submit, post it on your Tik Tok or IG Reels page, tag @flyingembersbrew, and #FlyingEmbersHamptons 

  • 21+ (all of those featured in the content) and have an avg 21+ audience  
  • No featuring irresponsible drinking (i.e. binging / chugging / driving, etc) 
  • Don’t make “functional claims” (i.e. “Healthy” alcohol, good for your gut, zero hangover etc.) Instead lean into flavor, real ingredients, brewed better, product features/attributes etc! 
  • No kids in shots . 
  • No pairing with THC / CBD. 
  • Videos must not use copyrighted images or music. 

**Disclaimer: Any video content that is submitted as part of this application process becomes property of Flying Embers, and can be used by the brand for general marketing purposes and activities. By participating you are consenting to video release.  



Our Origin Story

Flying Embers was born in Ojai, California, during a massive wildfire that threatened our homes and our brewery.

Humbled by the event that shaped us, we donate a portion of proceeds to first responders.