What Does Kombucha Taste Like?

What Does Kombucha Taste Like?

Ah, kombucha. If you’ve had it, you certainly remember the first time you tasted it. The uniqueness of its flavor is hard to forget.

But maybe you have been scared off by the idea of consuming fermented tea. Don’t be. 

Kombucha (and, by extension, Flying Embers Hard Kombucha) is one of the tastiest drinks out there.

Before you take a leap of faith and buy a bottle or can of this fermented fan favorite, allow us to fill you in on what to expect.

What Is Kombucha?

Traditional kombucha is a fizzy sweet-and-sour drink made with fermented tea. It is centuries old, originating in China. Sometimes known as a “mushroom tea,” kombucha is made from green, black, or even white teas. 

Using a SCOBY, or “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast,” brewers add sugar to tea and combine it with SCOBY to ferment. SCOBY is sometimes referred to as a mushroom because of the shape it takes when fermenting tea, but we promise we’re not sitting you down with a can of fungi.

What Does Kombucha Look Like?

Usually brownish or amber in color, traditional kombucha sometimes has nebula-like specks floating around. This is a byproduct of fermentation and is mostly yeast, and it’s totally safe for consumption. 

That said, kombucha from the professionals will be free of this pulp-like matter, so there’s no need to sweat the small stuff (literally).

Kombucha’s Texture

Kombucha is bright, brilliant, and effervescent. The fizziness varies from brew to brew and can be either naturally derived or added to the final brew. 

It is not as bubbly as most soda and does not have the syrupy thickness that you might expect in a soda. Don’t expect kombucha to have that soda sweetness, either.

It doesn’t have a “spice” to it but is really something uniquely its own. It’s a bit tangy, for sure, and is fragrant with a certain fruitiness that will surprise you.

Kombucha’s Taste

The taste of kombucha is so distinctive that you really can’t forget the first time you have it, especially if you’re sampling a handcrafted flavor like our Guava Citra or Prickly Pear Blue Agave

Maybe the closest thing to kombucha as far as taste profile goes is a sour beer, but that really can’t encapsulate all that kombucha is. It’s zippy and surprising, and much like a sour or a black coffee, it takes a few sips to really appreciate the complexity of the taste.

Kombucha is fizzy, tart, and just shy of sweet. Depending on the added flavors, it can have more floral, herbal, or fruity notes. Reminiscent of sparkling apple cider, this sparkling, fermented tea has a complex flavor profile that’s tangy and wickedly refreshing.

What About Hard Kombucha?

Fermentation is the process by which an organism converts carbohydrates into alcohol. So, it should come as no surprise that kombucha, a fermented tea, is naturally a little bit alcoholic. In fact, the booze in booch led to lawsuits back in 2010 when retailers failed to mention the ABV of the drink was high enough to cause a buzz.

The problem (depending on who you ask, at least) was fixed by a recall of all kombucha to address the alcohol created in the fermentation process. Due to this, booch brewers had a choice to make: cut back on the alcohol or lean into it.

You can guess where we hedge our bets.

Flying Embers Hard Kombucha is kombucha that is twice fermented and mixed with organic ingredients to give it a lighter, brighter buzz. 

Effervescent and balanced, our pure, unflavored kombucha is reminiscent of dry white wine. Our adaptogen root blend of ginseng, turmeric, and ginger makes this flavor delicious and refreshing. 

From there, we decided to spice things up a bit with some of our other original flavors. Go bold with Mango Coconut or Ginger Kombucha blend, or bring the heat with Pineapple Chili

If you‘re looking for fruit-forward, aromatic combinations, check out Watermelon Basil or Grapefruit Thyme. The best part? All of our hard kombucha is zero sugar, zero carb, and gluten-free, so you can enjoy these botanical blends knowing that they fit right into your lifestyle. 



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