Tacos and Margaritas: The Perfect Duo

Tacos and Margaritas: The Perfect Duo

At Flying Embers, we know that food and drinks bring out the best in each other. That’s why we think it’s so crucial to be mindful of how you pair the two together. 

Thankfully, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong when combining tacos and margaritas. Here are a few of our favorite ready-to-drink margaritas and taco recipes that’ll get your tastebuds excited.

Ready-To-Drink Margaritas: An Ideal Match for Your Favorite Tacos

We all love margaritas, but they can feel difficult to get right in the comfort of your own home. With our delicious ready-to-drink margaritas, you never have to feel that pressure again.

Blood Orange Pomegranate Margaritas

We’re especially proud of our Blood OrangePomegranate Margarita, found in our Margarita Variety Pack

At just 190 calories, it contains 10% ABV and is totally gluten-free. This drink packs a delicious punch that has to be tasted to be believed — and like all of our canned cocktails, it’s naturally free of sugar. 

Strawberry Guava Margaritas

Next up is our Strawberry Guava Margarita, found in the same variety pack. Those who enjoy a walk on the fruitier side of life won’t be able to get enough of this cocktail. It’s ready to drink straight out of the can, but it can also be spruced up with garnishes, mixers, and other alcohol.

Classic Lime Margaritas

Finally, for those margarita purists out there, we have our Classic Lime Margarita. This beverage really allows the lime flavor to be the star of the show, along with agave nectar and salt.

What Types of Tacos Pair Best With Margaritas?

All of our suggestions for taco recipes are vegetarian and can be prepared vegan if that’s more your speed. Since all our beverages are 100% vegan-friendly, it only makes sense that the cuisine recipes we suggest should be vegan as well. There’s so much room for customization when it comes to tacos, which is one of the biggest reasons we love them! 

Whether you prefer spicier flavors, notes of citrus, or something else entirely, there are so many options for your perfect taco. Tacos also offer a wonderful opportunity to mix and match tastes to find what combinations you most prefer. A taco can easily represent a fusion of different cuisines and flavor profiles so there’s something for everyone. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment by putting a variety of your favorite ingredients in a taco. The worst that can happen is you discover that a certain type of food isn’t for you — but then you’re one step closer to finding your perfect taco.

You can also use the margarita you’re drinking to inform the kind of taco you’ll enjoy, and vice versa. Spicy flavors can go with spicy flavors if you can’t get enough of the heat. You might also want either your food or drink to be spicy, while the other one can act as a palate cleanser. 

This will depend on your individual taste and what you prefer. That said, here are a few taco ideas to get you inspired on your taste-testing journey.

Vegan Jackfruit Tacos

First on our list, we want to feature an ingredient that’s a favorite among vegans everywhere. Jackfruit works beautifully as a meat substitute, but it’s also a delicious ingredient in its own right. Many people enjoy the wonders of jackfruit by using it in place of shredded meat. 

If you want to indulge in more vegan-friendly options but are worried about giving up favorites like shredded chicken and pulled pork, this might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Jackfruit can be enjoyed in various stages of ripeness but functions better as a pulled meat dupe when it’s less ripe. From there, you can cook it off a little so that the texture is easier to work with. 

Next, mashing or pulling the fruit will lead to the coveted shredded pulled pork or chicken-like texture. This is a great way to enjoy the food sensations that you grew up with in a more innovative, healthier format.

Once the jackfruit is in your preferred form, season with your desired spices and sauces. Jackfruit does have a taste of its own, but if it's on the less ripe side, the fruit’s naturally sweet flavor can easily compliment another taste rather than overtake it. 

After that, include any other taco fixings that you’d usually pair with shredded meat or ones that you’ve been looking to try.

Veggie Street Tacos

If jackfruit isn’t quite your style, we have another vegan taco recipe that you’re sure to enjoy. This one is a little simpler and only calls for classic vegetable ingredients. 

Again, there’s no limit to the customization options that can take place in this taco. Ingredients like peppers, corn, onions, and mushrooms can get you started, but those are just the beginning.

If you haven’t made veggie street tacos in the past, it might be worth thinking about what vegetables and flavors you enjoy in other cuisines. Chances are, those can be incorporated into your street tacos to create something you’ll absolutely love. 

Add salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and any other spices to taste, and you’re almost ready to go.

Sauteing the vegetables together is an excellent way to let the flavors mix and mingle in the pan, leading to a more cohesive and delicious flavor. Once they’re cooked through, add the filling to a few tortillas and enjoy!

Spicy Soft-Shell Bean Tacos

Last on our list, we have the beloved bean taco. Beans are a well-loved ingredient among vegans and non-vegans alike for their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and healthiness. You can use pinto beans, black beans, or refried beans for this recipe; it all depends on your preferences. 

Sautee the beans with a mix of Mexican spices, and then add your desired mix of vegetables. It really can be that simple. Then, all that’s left to do is take a bite of your taco while enjoying a beautifully refreshing margarita on the side.

A Refreshing Take on Tacos and Margs

With these recipes, you’re sure to find a mix of tacos and margaritas that’s just perfect for you. Just don’t forget to bring our canned margaritas along on your journey! 



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