What To Pack for the Beach

What To Pack for the Beach

There’s nothing better than spending time in nature. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget about the natural wonders all around you. Some people might enjoy a mountain view or a walk through an urban oasis, but one place might just beat them all — the beach, of course.

Maybe you prefer to kick off your flip-flops and stick your toes in the sand. Maybe you love you’re more about setting up comfy beach chairs and lounging under an umbrella. There are also the folks who just love swimming in the ocean with friends.

The key to having the best beach day is knowing yourself and what helps you have a good time. No matter how you like to enjoy a beach trip, some items should be on everyone’s packing list

From necessities like sunscreen, beach towels, a first aid kit, and basic toiletries for any overnight stays, to more extras like a sun hat, a snorkel, your kayak, or water shoes, – we have you covered.

Without further ado, here’s what to keep in your tote to make your beach vacation one for the books. 

What Drinks Should You Pack for the Beach?

Having the right drinks during a beach getaway is crucial for a few reasons. First of all, a refreshing beverage sets the perfect tone for rest and relaxation. Your beach vacation gets better instantly when there’s a drink in your hand. Choosing what you want to sip on ahead of time is the best way to create a specific vibe.

Fill Your Cooler With Hard Seltzer

We’re truly in the renaissance of hard seltzer, and it’s easy to see why. A bubbly, refreshing drink already sounds welcome enough on a hot day, but using delicious, plant-based ingredients takes it to a new level. The right boozy beverage can not only put you at ease in the moment but also make you feel more connected with nature.

Flying Embers recognizes the majesty of the environment, and we’re committed to always enhancing it, not detracting from it. That’s why all of our ingredients are 100% organic. We know that all the best things come from nature, so we carefully source our ingredients to ensure you’re getting the best of the best. 

Our flavors are carefully crafted to invigorate your taste buds. Options like our Botanicals and Bitters collection will tantalize your taste buds with sweetness and tartness. Meanwhile, for those seeking slightly more adventure, varieties like our Watermelon Chili offer rejuvenating fruit flavors paired with a pop of spice. 

Sip on Summery Hard Kombucha Flavors

If hard seltzer is not quite your style, there’s another option that will really get your taste buds in a tizzy. Hard seltzer might be having a renaissance, but hard kombucha is having a rebirth. 

Hard kombucha is the perfect beverage for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature while at the beach. Enjoying flavors that came straight from Mother Nature is more than just refreshing — it taps into your love for the planet.

What’s more, a Hard Kombucha Variety Pack fills your cooler with exotic, elevated flavors. Varieties like Black Cherry, Wild Berry, Pineapple Chili, and Grapefruit are all low in calories but bold in flavor. They also contain zero carbs, sugar, or gluten, and are vegan, USDA organic, and keto-friendly. 

Whether you’re into Hard Kombucha for the flavors, the feeling, the benefits, or a mixture of all three, Flying Embers has you covered. And if you haven’t yet tried a hard kombucha, there’s no time like the present.

Stay Hydrated With Still and Sparkling Water

Remember when we mentioned the importance of staying hydrated at the beach? Well, it’s so important that it is worth highlighting again. Don’t worry; you have hydration options that go beyond a typical plastic water bottle. 

Your beach vacation packing list isn’t complete without a reusable water bottle. With your eco-friendly water bottle, you can stay hydrated all day long, all while lowering the already staggering amount of plastic waste in the ocean. On a similar note, always opt for reusable bags since plastic bags can do a lot of harm.

It’s always essential to replenish yourself with some H20 at the beach, which is where your water bottle comes in handy. If you’re looking for some added bubbles, opt for sparkling water instead. These options can be flavored or not, but the important thing is to keep yourself hydrated!

Sunscreen Is a Must

No packing checklist would be complete without sun protection, but despite your best efforts, you might still end up with a sunburn. 

Even if this happens, you can still have a wonderful beach experience! Drinking more fluids helps you stay hydrated, which is especially important after getting a sunburn. Pair that with some all-natural aloe vera, and you’ll be back on your beach blanket before you know it.

Spritz Up Your Day With Wine Spritzers

If you love the bubbly refreshment that comes with sparkling waters and non-alcoholic seltzers, here’s another (more adult) option to try. Picture yourself at your dream beach destination, dressed in your favorite swimwear, sipping on a delectable natural Wine Spritzer.

Our Wine Spritzer Variety Pack is one of those beach essentials that will have everyone buzzing — literally. This pack is full of new takes on old classics, and you’ll recognize some flavors you already love alongside new and exciting ones.

What Foods Should You Pack for the Beach?

A delicious drink gets even better when you pair it with some snacks. When at the beach, you should consider both your body’s needs and what flavors will complement the occasion. The food you keep in your beach bag should be delicious and have the nutrition needed to keep you ready for your next adventure.

Similar to our drink suggestions, such a natural scene calls for only the cleanest foods and snacks to complement it. Not only will these snacks delight your palate, but they will keep you feeling good for whatever is to come. 

Pack Fresh Fruit in Your Cooler

We love fruity flavors, and sometimes we can’t help but go straight to the source. Keeping fresh fruit in your beach cooler gives you the option to reap the rewards of nature while in nature. Fruit is also filled with the natural sugars you need to stay energetic and ready for the day.

At the beach, you never know when an impromptu volleyball or frisbee game is going to break out. On the other hand, the opportunity for a renewing nap is just as likely. 

Bring Veggies and Dip

If you’re craving a savory alternative to the natural crunch and texture of fruit, sliced veggies have you covered. For an added bonus, different kinds of dips can provide new nutritional benefits while also enhancing the vegetables’ natural taste. Anything from hummus to tzatziki to guacamole is a delightful and healthy option.

Other beach snacks might weigh you down or leave you feeling bloated. Meanwhile, this snack will fill you up with the energy you need while leaving you feeling good enough to go for a beach run, play volleyball with friends, or hike oceanside peaks.

Nuts and Seeds for Protein

Protein is key to staying energized throughout the day. Without it, winning any number of fun beach games would be essentially impossible. Nuts and seeds are chock full of nutritional advantages, the most important of which is likely protein.

Take some almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, or any other organic options you like on your next beach excursion.

What Else Do You Need at the Beach?

While drinks and food might seem like everything you need to make a perfect beach day, there are still some other items and companions that can make the day that much better.

Bring a Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

What is a beach day without good music? A portable speaker can help set the vibe, and that’s something you should definitely take advantage of while at the beach. 

To keep the good tunes going, consider bringing along a portable charger. This can also help keep your cell phone charged, as well as any other electronic personal items that you need. Just make sure to keep it with your other valuables when you hit the water. 

Take Your Dog With You

Dogs are man’s best friends, so we want to take them with us on our adventures. Furry friends can get some exercise and mental stimulation at the beach. It’s a win-win!

Bring a Change of Clothes

It is always a wise move to pack some extra t-shirts, shorts, cover-ups, and even things like deodorant in your bag. High tide can sneak up on you, so it’s always best to be prepared, and no one wants to head home in a wet swimsuit. 

In addition, make sure you grab the SPF, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and lip balm and throw them in a dry bag!

Wrapping Up

When you’re planning out your next beach trip, don’t forget to stock your cooler with Flying Embers Hard Kombucha, Hard Seltzers, and Wine Spritzers — all of your perfect oceanside sippers. With invigorating flavors and zero carbs or sugar, you can get a buzz on the beach while you enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. It doesn’t get better than that.


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