How To Make a Mimosa Bar for a Perfect Boozy Brunch

How To Make a Mimosa Bar for a Perfect Boozy Brunch

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we at Flying Embers have to disagree. Imagine a meal with all the deliciousness of breakfast that still lets us sleep in — and have a drink or two. Admit it: That sounds better than breakfast.

That’s why we’re such huge fans of brunch. 

Maybe you’re getting together with a group of friends for a weekend catch-up, setting up a Mother’s Day to remember, planning an Easter hang out with family, or throwing a bridal shower for the ages. None of these celebrations would be quite the same without brunch’s beverage of choice — a mimosa.

If you’re looking for a way to make your event even more special, a DIY mimosa bar will have all your guests buzzing. Going DIY brings in a level of customization far beyond the typical mimosa recipe. Not to knock orange juice and champagne flutes, but an event as special as yours calls for something a bit more hand-crafted.

Today, we have some mimosa bar ideas that are just right for all different amounts of prep time, fruit juice preferences, and more.

First Things First: What’s a Mimosa?

We love the idea of a DIY mimosa bar, and we’re excited to share some tips to make yours extra special. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, we have to cover the basics: what is a mimosa?

Mimosas are a drink that takes brunch to a new level. The food is a big deal, but it needs a drink to match. Whether you prefer your mimosas the classic way or with a unique flavor profile, it’s easy to see why these are a brunch staple.

What Ingredients Are in a Mimosa?

A mimosa is so much more than just the sum of its parts. Like many of the best beverages, this cocktail utilizes the power of fruits to bring out the subtle notes of the alcohol. To make a classic mimosa, mix equal parts champagne and orange juice. That’s all you need for a typical ‘mosa. 

Pour that mixture into champagne glasses, and you might think the process is done. However, there is so much more you can do when it comes to mimosas. Even if orange juice or a specific kind of sparkling wine isn’t for you, with some edits and additions, there’s a mimosa recipe out there that fits in at your bar.

Is There a Low-Sugar Alternative to Mimosas?

Although different juices have their charm, they also come with an unwelcome ingredient — tons of sugar. Common mimosa ingredients like pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, apple cider, pineapple juice, and mango juice can be packed with sugar and artificial additives. 

Carbohydrates, saturated fat, and sugar are all ingredients that can leave you feeling bummed out and exhausted. Luckily, there are delicious drink alternatives that will lift you up rather than slow you down.

The average mimosa gives you nearly 200 calories and up to 30 grams of sugar. You read that right — 30 grams of sugar. For reference, a full-sized chocolate bar usually leaves you with around 35 grams of added sugar, a pretty similar amount to what you’d get from a typical mimosa. Is that worth it? We don’t think it is.

When you consider how uncommon it is to stop at just one of these sweet drinks, that total can quickly add up. As a result, many of us are looking for lighter options. Luckily, we can find one in our Orange Passion Mimosa Hard Kombucha.

All of the bubbly deliciousness of a mimosa with zero sugar, zero carbs, and the benefits that come with kombucha? What more could you want? At 6.9% ABV, this drink is perfect for a mimosa bar, a backyard party, or a one-on-one brunch with a friend. 

Creating a Mimosa Bar: What You Need

To create the perfect mimosa bar for you and your guests, you will want to consider everyone’s preferences. As a result, you will want an abundance of options for everyone to enjoy. From the mixers to the fresh fruit to the garnishes, feel free to get creative!

Bubbly Hard Kombucha: Crisp, Dry, and Silky

We’re going for a brunch that’s way beyond typical. Offering exciting options is how you make a DIY mimosa bar your own and stand out from the crowd.

Brunch is often seen as a time for self-indulgence. However, you can’t have self-indulgence without self-care — the two should go hand in hand. You can still enjoy the finer things while being kind to your body, which is exactly what kombucha helps you do. 

If you want to offer an alternative to champagne, our Bubbly Hard Kombucha is exactly what you need. It brings the bright fizz you associate with sparkling wine, without the heaviness or sugar content.

Orange Passion Mimosa Hard Kombucha: Subtly Sweet and Tangy

Remember when we mentioned our Orange Passion Mimosa Hard Kombucha? Bright citrus fruits and herbal botanicals are what we do best. We reimagined a classic by making it lighter, brighter, and better. You can thank us later.

The end result is a tropical, exotic alternative to the drink you already know and love. This beverage can be enjoyed on its own or used as a mixer to amp up any number of cocktails. 

By reaching for an Orange Passion Mimosa Hard Kombucha versus sugary orange juice paired with sparkling wine, you can dazzle your guests and keep the party going for hours. Even better, you won’t all need to take a nap after brunch is over and the sugar crash hits.

Fresh Fruit Pairings for Mimosas

What better way to emphasize the natural elements of a mimosa than with fresh fruit to go along with it? Fruit is an integral part of brunch, whether we are drinking it or eating it. By providing a variety of fruits in small bowls around your mimosa bar, you provide your guests with easy edible garnishes. 

Some fresh fruits that pair perfectly with mimosas include:

  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Orange slices
  • Watermelon
  • Blueberries

Classic Mimosa Garnishes

Fruits are not the only natural garnishes that enhance a mimosa. Ingredients like basil, mint, or sprigs of rosemary all bring out new and exciting flavors.

Aesthetically-Pleasing Pitchers and Decanters

They say that we eat with our eyes first, which is also true of drinks. Presentation is crucial, so springing for carafes rather than plastic containers really makes a difference. You can also consider putting out a chalkboard featuring different cocktail recipes.

Hard Kombucha: The Star of Your Next Brunch

With hard kombucha and preparation on your side, your DIY mimosa bar is sure to be the best part of your next brunch. Hopefully, the company will be a close second.


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