10 Labor Day Cocktails To Celebrate the End of Summer

10 Labor Day Cocktails To Celebrate the End of Summer

On the surface, the end of summer might seem like a melancholy moment. We’re saying a heartfelt goodbye to long days spent on the water or basking in the sun, and it can be easy to forget about all of the fun still to come this year.

Labor Day is a time to reminisce on the memories we’ve made this summer season and a sneak peek at the good times ahead. Autumn comes with its own set of seasonal activities like foliage hikes and pumpkin patches, which can bring us closer to our friends and loved ones. 

That said, your Labor Day get-together should still send off the summertime in style. These summer drinks will get you and your guests into the summer spirit one last time.

Which Cocktails Should I Make on Labor Day?

The cocktails you make on Labor Day should fit the tone of your gathering. 

If your party is more summery, stick to the fruity flavors that elicit memories of our favorite hot July nights. Meanwhile, if you’re looking forward to fall, spiced drinks with ingredients like ginger beer make for the perfect cocktail recipe.

If your get-together doesn’t necessarily have a theme — or if you just want everyone to have plenty of choices — there are tons of cocktails that are sure to delight your guests. 

Whether you’re enjoying this drink solo or doing so with friends and family in tow, let these recipes inspire you to create your own Labor Day weekend to remember.

The Guava Mojito

First up on our list of unskippable Labor Day cocktails is a guava mojito. This classic beverage can be made even more delectable by putting a Flying Embers twist on it. 

No mojito would be complete without the refreshing taste of mint. Add mint and muddle it until the flavors are released. 

Next, put in your preferred kind of ice cubes — we like a classic cube, but crushed would also work just fine. Pour an ounce of white rum and an ounce of fresh lime juice over the top. Finally, it’s time for the lovely guava that makes this old classic new again.

You’ll achieve this by topping the concoction off with our Guava Citra Hard Kombucha, found in the Tropical Hops Variety Pack. The hops perfectly complement the guava, adding an earthiness to the fruity flavor. This is so much more complex and rewarding than using soda water, club soda, or plain seltzer to craft your signature cocktail.

To complete consider presenting your mojito in a highball or a Collins glass. Finally, garnish with a sprig of mint, a wedge of lime, or possibly even both to wow your guests.

The Kombucha Mimosa

Few drinks are as easy to create and as deliciously fruit-forward as a mimosa. However, this brunch staple can be made lighter, fresher, and peppier with the help of Orange Passion Mimosa hard kombucha. 

No mimosa would be complete without a champagne glass, and our version is no different. Chill your champagne glasses ahead of time so that they’re at an optimal temperature when you’re ready to drink.

Pour two ounces of the orange juice of your choice into the glass. We always recommend choosing fresh orange juice if possible since the natural flavors are simply unrivaled. Next, add an ounce of passion fruit nectar. Finally, two and a half ounces of our Orange Passion Mimosa Hard Kombucha round out this delicious morning beverage.

The Watermelon Basil Kombucharita

The Watermelon Basil Kombucharita is one of our favorites for lazy summer days, and not just because this drink’s name is so fun to say. If you’re in search of a fruity and herby drink that will keep you feeling light, this might be the one for you.

Before getting started, break out your cocktail shaker.

Start by muddling a few leaves of fresh basil in the bottom of your cocktail shaker until sufficiently aromatic. Then, pour in an ounce of tequila, a half ounce of lime juice, and a half ounce of agave. Add your desired amount of ice, and get ready to shake.

Once your Kombucharita is fully shaken — not stirred — strain the mixture into your glass. To reinforce the flavors of watermelon and basil, pour three ounces of our Watermelon Basil Hard Kombucha to your drink.

We’re never ones to miss the opportunity to take a drink to the next level, and your choice of garnish can do just that. We like to include basil leaves and watermelon balls on a bar pick that sits atop the beverage for a finishing touch.

The Spicy Pineapple

What’s summer without a little spice? This spicy pineapple cocktail recipe is our favorite way to bring the heat. 

The Spicy Pineapple includes so many tastes of summer in one. This drink is delicious and complex with an invigorating kick.

This beverage is best enjoyed by adding Tajin to the rim of whichever glass you choose. You could even include a few dashes of Tajin in the drink itself for an extra kick.

Next, add ice, an ounce of chile-infused mezcal, a half ounce of lime juice (or fresh lemon juice), and a half ounce of agave. Finally, two and a half ounces of Flying Embers’ Pineapple Chili Hard Kombucha will bring the whole drink together. 

We suggest a garnish of pineapple fronds. For even more pineapple flavor, add some fresh pineapple juice or even a pineapple puree to your taste. 

6 Ready-To-Drink Canned Cocktails for Your Labor Day Celebration

In case you aren’t ready to make cocktails from scratch, you can enjoy one of our ready-to-drink cocktails.

Classic Lime Sparkling Margarita

A tropical, irresistibly bubbly beverage, our Classic Lime Sparkling Margarita is not to be missed.

Blood Orange Pomegranate Sparkling Margarita

A drink as exotic as it is colorful, this entry into our Margarita Variety Pack has something for everybody. To make this drink even more unforgettable, you can include fresh fruit like blackberries, raspberries, and more. This can add a summery, sangria-like feel to a drink, even for those of us who aren’t self-proclaimed wine lovers.

Strawberry Guava Sparkling Margarita

The last drink in our Margarita Variety Pack, the Strawberry Guava Sparkling Margarita combines a variety of tropical, fruity flavors while staying true to its margarita roots with lime and agave.

Lime Mojito

For those craving a different ready-to-drink cocktail, our Mojito Variety Pack is perfect for you. Notes of lime make this particular option citrusy and refreshing.


The taste of watermelon is synonymous with summer, so what better send-off to the season than a WatermelonMojito?

Mango Mojito

Our Mango Mojito effortlessly pairs mango and mint flavors to make one of the most refreshing, tropical beverages. 

End the Summer With Bold, Flavorful Cocktails

Although classic, refreshing drinks like a Paloma with grapefruit juice or spritzers topped with prosecco or rosé are all well and good, sometimes we want something new to excite our palates — like hard kombucha, ready-to-drink mojitos and margaritas, and brunch-ready mimosas. 

Whether you’re cracking open a Flying Embers Classic Lime Sparkling Margarita or shaking up a Watermelon Basil Kombucharita, you’re in for a delicious end to the summer season.

Hopefully, our cocktail recipes have inspired you to try something new or to sample one of our delicious pre-made cocktails.



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