How To Host a Memorable Brunch: A Quick Guide

How To Host a Memorable Brunch: A Quick Guide

Just hearing the word “brunch” gets us excited for the weekend.

Some of our favorite moments happen around the table, and we never pass up opportunities to gather and savor a few drinks over a well-crafted brunch spread. When we're hosting, we always want our courses fresh, flavorful, and perfectly paired with our favorite hard kombuchas.

We have some tips to share to give you everything you need to know to prepare for an unforgettable brunch. Let’s get into it!

How Do You Plan a Perfect Brunch Menu?

In our opinion, breakfast is the meal with superior food. There are so many delicious breakfast foods, recipes, and styles of breakfast food that you can lean into when planning the menu for your brunch party.

When planning your menu, be realistic with what you will be able to prepare the morning of. You won’t have all day to prepare since brunch is often over by 2 pm. With this in mind, plan to make whatever you can the night before.

However, if you’re more of a night owl, you can always host a breakfast-for-dinner party followed by an evening of sipping hard kombucha and brunch cocktails. Our Orange Passion Mimosa is a refreshing twist on a ready-to-drink cocktail, making it perfect for a stress-free brunch — or any time of day.

What (And When) To Cook for Brunch

You can do a lot of prep early in the morning to make the brunch event as smooth as possible. Make a breakfast casserole, some omelets, a frittata, quiche, or another egg dish (if eggs are a part of your diet) early, so all you have to do when guests arrive is serve at the brunch table and enjoy — no last-minute prep necessary.

You can even make classic brunch recipes like waffles early in the morning and keep them in the oven on a low setting so that they’re warm when you’re ready to serve. Plus, don’t forget to emphasize menu ideas made with real ingredients and minimal refined sugar — your brunch doesn’t have to be a sugar bomb to be memorable. Sure, you can include the occasional muffin or pancake, but balance it out with better-for-you foods that are still delicious.

Whether you’re working with classic breakfast recipes or trying some trending dishes, planning your DIY brunch menu is one of the most rewarding aspects of hosting.

What Are the Best Brunch Beverages To Have on Hand?

We love brunch food, but we also know that the beverages are (arguably) the most important part of any event. Here are the top brunch drinks to have at your event:

Bloody Mary (Or Maria)

Start with a base of tomato juice, add Worchestershire sauce, horseradish, celery salt or lemon, salt, pepper, and hot sauce (depending on how spicy you want it). Top off with vodka for a Mary or tequila for a Maria.

Mix it all together, and finish with celery, olives, or even bacon as a garnish! Measure with your heart with these ingredients. You can cater to the person drinking it depending on their preferences.

If you want to get creative with your Bloody Mary or Maria, try adding a splash of our Pineapple Chili Hard Kombucha. Its crisp and refreshingly spicy flavor profile makes it a perfect mixer for your favorite brunch cocktails.

Fruity Bellini

Your typical bellini contains just a couple of ingredients — usually just Prosecco and pureed peach.

However, since we’re trying to go the extra mile here, you can make your bellinis even better with help from our Grapefruit Hard Kombucha. Its acidity and summery flavor pair perfectly with a classic bellini recipe, and your guests will definitely notice the difference — in a good way.


This brunch classic can be made with equal parts fresh-squeezed juice and champagne. It’s traditionally made with orange juice, but who says you can’t mix it up?

Better yet, instead of choosing for your guests, give them options and do a mimosa bar with orange, cranberry, and grapefruit juice.

And if you want to make things really easy? Have a few cans of our Orange Passion Mimosa Hard Kombucha on hand. It’s zippy, bright, and just as good as a classic mimosa (or even better, considering it comes without all the extra sugar).


Have some friends coming that don’t partake in adult beverages? No problem. Provide them with sparkling water to add to their mimosa or bellini so they can still partake in the fun without the added buzz.

Set the Tone With Your Invitation

We’re all so plugged in these days that getting everyone together feels very informal. Sure, you can always message the group chat. But why not set the tone for your soiree with a personal touch that gets your friends excited for the event — even before they read the word “mimosa”?

When you check your mailbox, you probably don’t expect much beyond a bill or a credit card offer. That’s why getting a brunch invite via snail mail is such a big deal. It shows your friends that you went the extra mile to have them on your guest list and sets the tone for a brunch that everyone will love.

How To Look Like the Hostess With the Mostest

A memorable brunch starts with setting the right tone. Here’s how to do it.


When you think “ambiance,” you should set the mood with a level of confidence and class that will keep everyone talking long after your party is over. Before your guests come over, make sure your home is organized and clean. That’s right: Mop your floors, scrub your toilet, and wipe down the counters.

Create a welcoming environment — guests should feel at home at your table. Add small touches like lighting a candle, playing vibey music, or adding bits of decor that match your theme or the season to show that you go the extra mile.

Place Settings

Depending on the furniture you have and the number of people you invite, your table setting and centerpieces will look very different. It doesn’t matter if you decide to do a formal sit down at the dining room table or a free-for-all throughout your home.

Whatever you decide, dress things up. Break out your finest china, silverware, and glassware to elevate your level of presentation. Whether your parents have some dishes you can borrow or you thrift some unique mismatched pieces, skip the plastic to add a special — and more sustainable — touch.

Put Your Guests First

Gluten-free, sugar-free, keto, Whole-30… The list goes on and on when talking about the lifestyles our friends are adopting to become the best versions of themselves.

When planning the menu for your brunch, keep these factors in mind and ensure you have at least one thing to eat and drink per guest. Whether it’s a gluten-free muffin or some sugar-free hard kombucha, there are plenty of options to make your guests feel like you care.

Keep the Party Going With a Goodie Bag

Goodie bags shouldn't end with elementary school birthday parties. Take that childhood nostalgia and add an adult twist with baked goods to-go, handwritten recipe cards, or DIY cocktail kits.

Make Your Brunch the Event of the Season

The party doesn’t have to end just because it’s time to switch to the lunch menu! After you’ve enjoyed an Orange Passion Mimosa Hard Kombucha with brunch, keep the vibes going all afternoon with our Flying Embers Hard Kombucha variety pack.


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