9 Delicious Fall Kombucha Flavors You'll Love

9 Delicious Fall Kombucha Flavors You'll Love

Though our kombucha can be sipped all year-round, there’s something special about drinking booch in the fall.

What Is Kombucha, Anyway?

Our kombucha goes through two separate fermentation processes in order to achieve the ultimate flavor profile.

The first fermentation happens as a result of SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), which is a combination of bacteria and yeast that is found in your brewing booch. From there, a brewer adds the SCOBY to a sweet black tea base. This fermentation is aerobic, meaning that there’s oxygen involved in the process. 

There are a few different goals to be achieved during this fermentation. First, it helps to give a batch of kombucha its refreshing tangy flavor. Second it creates a subtle sweat tart fruity flavor that is the backbone of all of our kombuchas. This fermentation is what makes kombucha unique.

Next, we use champagne yeast to elevate the alcohol level and add a clean fermented flavor not undifferent to sparking wine. During this process we capture the naturally derived CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) that we got from the fermentation process to add fizz to the mixture. This creates the unique fizzy experience that is Flying Embers hard ombucha.

Which Hard Kombucha Flavors Are Autumnal Favorites?

The perfect fall hard kombucha flavor will depend on whoever’s drinking it. We all have unique palates, and we know that should be celebrated. If you’re throwing a get-together with family or friends and want to make sure everyone has a beverage they’re sure to love, a little variety will go a long way.

Any flavor of kombucha can get you into the mood for fall, but certain kombuchas remind us of just what makes this season so joyous. These flavors are an excellent place to start when it comes to hard kombucha that’ll get you in the fall spirit.

Guava Citra: Bright, Citrusy Flavors With Subtle Pine Notes

Enjoy the exotic flavors of guava and citra with an extra punch from the hops. It's a flavorful brew that can be enjoyed throughout summer and into fall.

Cherry Hibiscus Lime: Tart, Bright, and Aromatic

Our Cherry Hibiscus Lime Hard Kombucha is effortlessly delicious and reminds us that certain flavor combinations are just meant to be.The addition of hibiscus to cherry and lime creates even more aromatic flavor and autumnal notes to enjoy.

Ginger: A Spicy, Woodsy Fall Treat

Few tastes are as reminiscent of fall as fresh ginger, and our Ginger Hard Kombucha is equally full of flavor and refreshing. Ginger often reminds us of our favorite fall treats, where its flavor is accented by tastes of cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and more. 

To truly make the most of our ginger kombucha, you can add anything from whole cloves to a cinnamon stick to pumpkin puree. Prepare for your kombucha recipe to rise among the ranks of all of your most-loved classic fall beverages.

Bubbly: Crisp, Dry, and Fizzy

There’s plenty to celebrate in the fall, from the changing of the leaves to Thanksgiving meals shared with family and friends. 

Fermented with champagne-style yeast and aged in Chardonnay wine barrels, our Bubbly hard kombucha is silky, elegant, and bright — without the sugar bomb you’d find in a conventional bottle of brut. Now that’s a good reason to break out the Bubbly.

Fizzy Fall Flavors for Every Occasion

Flying Embers offers a wide variety of hard kombuchas that can help usher you into the fall spirit. Whether you want a beverage that’s fruitier, more herbaceous, or full to the brim with spice, there really is an autumnal kombucha for all of us.



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