Unique and Delicious Cocktail Pairings To Try

Unique and Delicious Cocktail Pairings To Try

Going to a fancy restaurant and enjoying a perfectly paired cocktail and entree really makes you feel like you’re living the life.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a pro cocktail connoisseur or sous chef to create your own cocktail pairings made in homemade heaven. That’s why we’ve put together this cheat sheet to take your at-home dinners from dull to divine.

Orange Passion Mimosa and Savory Quiche

Mimosas are a staple brunch cocktail, so what better to pair our Orange Passion Mimosa hard kombucha with than an equally tasty breakfast food? To complement the fruitiness of this tropical treat, we recommend savory breakfast fare, like quiche.

Quiche is the perfect blend of flavors, with its fluffy egg center and flaky, buttery crust — although we’re big fans of crustless quiche too, if you’re looking for a lighter version. There are endless ingredients that go with the egg, but we’ve broken it down into two categories — meats or veggies.

For meat lovers, a breakfast classic like bacon, sausage, or ham pairs beautifully. Vegetable fans can flock to any variety of vegetables, like tomatoes or mushrooms, but the most popular veggie to go along with quiche is spinach. You could also do a veggie-meat combo if you’re feeling adventurous.

To complement a tropical mimosa and the heartiness of quiche’s eggs, add a side of your favorite toast with jam or marmalade. This extra burst of fruit on a toasted bread brings the whole brunch together, from the fruity mimosa to the delectable quiche crust.

Black Cherry Hard Kombucha and Açaí Bowls

If you’re sticking with the brunch theme, an açaí bowl is a fresh, fruity alternative to heartier savory dishes. Our Black Cherry hard kombucha brings luscious fruit flavors that make the perfect pairing with what is basically a smoothie with all the best toppings.

Açaí bowls are normally made with açaí berries and additional fruits like banana, but you can mix it up with any combination you’d like — ingredients like papaya, mango, and even peanut butter are all on the table. Top with coconut flakes, granola, berries, and cacao nibs for an extra decadent finish.

No matter what variation you choose, our Black Cherry kombucha adds a complementary sweetness without extra sugar. All of our products contain zero grams of sugar and zero carbs, so you can enjoy flavors that feel as good as they taste.

Our Black Cherry booch is infused with hints of lime to complement the tartness of the cherry flavor, making it the perfect pairing for açaí bowls.

Pineapple Chili Kombucha and Hawaiian Poke

The pairing for our Pineapple Chili hard kombucha takes inspiration from the home of the pineapple, Hawaii. To go with the spicy-yet-sweet flavor of this brew, try a traditional poke bowl.

If you’re unfamiliar with the dish, poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish resembling a salad. The main ingredients typically include rice and seasoned raw fish (usually tuna), topped with vegetables (often avocado and onions) and a drizzle of zesty sauces.

If you want to change up the dish, swap rice for zucchini noodles, tuna for another fish or tofu, or add wasabi for a spicy kick. Wash all the deliciousness down with a refreshing mix of sweet pineapple and spicy chili.

Guava Jalapeño Hard Seltzer and a Tropical Salad

The fruity, spicy flavor of our Guava Jalapeño Hard Seltzer beg to be paired with an equally refreshing summery entree. A summery tropical salad is the ideal counterpart for the light, crisp flavor of this drink.

If you love a classic lettuce salad, use that as your base ingredient. If you’re looking for something a little extra tropical (and photogenic,) ditch the lettuce and hollow out a pineapple to use as a bowl.

Once you decide on your base ingredient, gather your favorite summertime fruits and veggies, like strawberries and mango. If you’re craving some protein, feel free to toss in some chicken, shrimp, or tofu.

Then it’s time for toppings. You can go traditional with toasted almonds, dried cranberries, or sunflower seeds. For a tart pop of flavor to complement the botanical tang of hibiscus, we recommend sprinkling on some pomegranate seeds. Finish it off with a fruity dressing, and you’ve got yourself a sensational salad.

White Wine Spritzer and Lemon Glazed Fish

White wine and fish is one of the most classic pairings around. Our White Wine Spritzer features refreshing notes of golden apple, passionfruit, and lemon zest, giving the perfect twist on this classic combo. To match those underlying flavors, try serving grilled fish with a lemon sauce.

Start with your favorite fish, whether it be cod, tilapia, salmon, or something else, and add your favorite seasonings — we’re partial to garlic, onion, black pepper, and a hint of paprika for added smokiness. If you’re in a hurry, squeeze on some lemon juice, or if you have the time, build a lemon glaze with a bit more complexity.

To prime your taste buds for the main course, hone in on the spritzer’s apple and passionfruit notes and serve up a salad with fruit pieces mixed in.

The final product is a delicious, timeless classic with a modern twist. The lemon complements the spritzer without overpowering it, and the other flavors in the spritzer keep your palate engaged.

Pair Your Meals to Perfection

You don’t need to run to an expensive restaurant the next time you’re craving a cocktail and savory meal; anyone can serve up a delicious pairing — including you! Keep this list handy for the next time you’re looking to impress guests or just want to treat yourself to something a little fancy.


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