"I love that Flying Embers created delicious drinks that leave me satisfied. I don’t miss sugary-filled drinks and feel way better in the morning!"

Maria, L.

“This is hands down my favorite alcohol beverage! Forever! It makes me feel awesome.”

Rachel, L.

“Tastes too good to be Keto and Gluten free, but it is."

Samantha, P.

"I loved these! They are delicious but have no sugar! I am now a devoted fan!"

Amy, J.

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Hard Seltzer Variety 5.0% 24pk

Fruit & Flora Botanical Collection

A harmonious interplay of bold fruits and delicate florals, our “Fruit & Flora” Botanicals collection was brewed to satiate while infusing inspiration with every sip.

4x Clementine Hibiscus -  5.0% / 95 Cal
4x Black Cherry Rose 5.0% / 95 Cal
4x Passionfruit Elderflower 5.0% / 95 Cal

Sweet & Heat Tropical Collection

Perfectly paired with any occasion, our “Sweet & Heat” Tropical collection was refreshingly crafted to bring the heat and beat the heat, all in one can. 

4x Watermelon Chili  5.0% / 95 Cal

4x Guava Jalapeno 5.0% / 95 Cal
4x Pineapple Cayenne 5.0% / 95 Cal 

USDA Organic • Live Probiotic • 0 Sugar • 0 Carbs • Keto Friendly • Gluten-Free • Vegan. 


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  • Clementine Hibiscus

    Fruity, effervescent, and slightly sweet. The pop of a freshly peeled clementine intermingled with tart and tangy hibiscus.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

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  • Black Cherry Rose

    Rich and aromatic with just a hint of sweetness. The flavor of dark cherries picked straight from the tree, married with the essence of red roses.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

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  • Passionfruit Elderflower

    Elegant and exotic with herbal undertones. Slightly tart passion fruit combined with the delicate nuances of elderflower.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

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  • Watermelon Chili

    Juicy, zesty, and invigorating. Fresh watermelon meets spicy chili and a hint of citrus for a flavor that’s both distinct and satisfying.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

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  • Guava Jalapeno

    Bright, earthy, and a little fruity. Refreshing pink guava fused with the heat of freshly chopped jalapeños for a taste made to be relished.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

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  • Pineapple Cayenne

    Bold, crisp, and deliciously punchy. A juicy infusion featuring ripe pineapple complemented by a pop of cayenne pepper.

    5.0% ABV | 95 CAL

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