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“Mind-blowing flavors, I can’t get enough”


“This is hands down my favorite alcohol beverage! Forever! It makes me feel awesome.”


“Tastes too good to be Keto and Gluten free, but it is"


"Guaranteed if you show up with a few cases of this you're making some new friends"


No Sugar. No Carbs.

  • Strawberry Lemongrass

    A delicately tart, better-for-you riff on the classic Lemondrop Martini. Our Strawberry Lemongrass hard kombucha balances the sweet touch of strawberry with a refreshing citrus hint, ending with a bright and uplifting finish.

    7.0% ABV | 130 CAL

  • Prickly Pear Heather

    The subtly herbal aroma of heather, and sweet melon-berry burst of prickly pear cactus fruit are merged in this tasteful combination, creating a refreshingly light and earthy hard kombucha sipper.

    7.0% ABV | 130 CAL

  • Original Essence

    Flying Embers Original Essence is pure unadulterated kombucha. No fruit. No flavorings. No additional sugar. Just pure bacteria love, with the most balanced refreshing flavor of any kombucha ever.
    To create this magical elixir, we start with our kombucha SCOBY, composed of a unique combination of strains of bacteria, yeast, sugar and tea to brew our kombucha base. We then follow by recharging our ferment with an additional blend of native wild and champagne yeast, sugar and an adaptogen root blend of ginger, turmeric, and ginseng and ferment until it is completely dry, resulting in no residual sugar.
    This creation drinks like a dry white wine. It is an effervescent, mineral-forward balanced hard kombucha that is incredibly light and refreshing.

    7.0% ABV | 130 CAL


"the holy trifecta 'better-for-you', delicious and sexy"

"The Very Best Hard Kombucha"

"...Best way to get your beach party started."

"Hard Kombuchas Are a Better-for-You Booze Alternative"

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